The Journey

The Journey

Whatever it is you want to achieve in life, you may find a bumpy road ahead. You will experience disappointments, processes will be slowed down for whatever reason and people will let you down and set you back.

We have been put down, we have been misunderstood, we have been laughed at and we have been given a run for our money on several occasions. We have hit rock-bottom, I tell you. We have wondered if we ever could realize our dream at all.

But we did.

When the going gets though you have to persist in what you truly believe in. And we believe in making pure products. Going back to that philosophy has taken us on a very special journey that was worth our while.  And eventually we reached our goal, which was to go back to pure.

So now we have produced a soda that we believe is completely different from what has ever been done before.

Together with our Chief Tastemaker, Grietje van der Meulen from organic berry farm ‘De Hexenketel’ we went on an adventure, in search of exotic fruits. We spent day and night working on our secret recipe for developing what we believe is the best soda, and here it is. MOJ’s secret recipe: 100% real fruit, fresh spring water, carbon dioxide and just a little bit of natural cane sugar. Nothing more, nothing less. We keep things natural.

Now that Moj Lemonade Est. Groningen is out there and hit the market we are very proud, and eager to tell our story to everyone who is willing to listen.

We will be telling our story to people working at bars, restaurants, cocktail and food bars. And these people will tell our story to you, with their own flavour to it, naturally.

So, when you are at one of those venues and drink Moj Lemonade Est. Groningen, straight up or in a cocktail, please enjoy. Because in the end it’s all about having fun. And fun is something we’ve certainly had creating Moj Lemonade Est. Groningen.

With love, Moj Lemonade Est. Groningen,

Theo Wouda – Grietje van der Meulen and Folkert van der Heide