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We have been asking ourselves, for many years, why do sodas contain so many additives and sugar? We, at MOJ, wanted to do things differently.

So together with our Chief Tastemaker, Grietje van der Meulen from the organic garden ‘De Hexenketel’, we went on an adventure, in search of exotic fruits. We spent day and night working on our secret recipe for the best soda and here it is! MOJ’s secret recipe: 100% real fruit, fresh spring water, carbon dioxide and just a little bit of natural cane sugar. Nothing more, nothing less! We keep things natural.

A journey back in time

Groningen, The Netherlands. The company C. Polak & Sons enters the market with their ‘’Ranja’’ cordial made from concentrated orange juice. You can now make your own lemonade, just by adding water.

Ranja quickly gained four little sisters: Roja (raspberry juice), Risso (lemon juice), Cerisso (cherry juice) and Grefita (grapefruit juice)

Big foreign producers quickly discover lemonade tastes a lot better with bubbles. It is an instant hit in Europe when American and Canadian soldiers bring this new variation over.

Soda was booming!

The tide is turned. Over time, soda has become less healthy. It contains too much sugar and artificial additives. Grietje van der Meulen, born and bred in Groningen, makes a recipe for a new generation of sodas. Made of 100% real fruit; MOJ is born!

The year consists of tasting again and again, everything to reach our goal of the ultimate taste experience.

Groningen, The Netherlands. After years of developing and refining; MOJ lemonade is born, on Groningen soil, not very far from where ‘’Ranja’s’’ roots lie.

‘When you drink MOJ, you can taste nature and that is exactly what I had in mind.’

Our fruit and herb woman, Grietje van de Meulen, is the one that, out of all the delicacies in her organic garden, laid down the base for MOJ. She is our hero.


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MOJ is a mix of fresh fruit, fresh spring water, carbon dioxide (bubbels) and a little bit of natural cane sugar.

Moj rhubarb

Rheum rabarbarum

Moj Lemon

Citrus limon

Moj Gooseberry

Ribes uva-crispa

Elderflower Moj

Sambucus nigra

Flavours & Bottle

MOJ is available in two flavours, which you can enjoy straight up or in your favourite mixed drink.

Slightly acidic with a sweet finish. A real thirst quencher.

Made from the best fresh rhubarb,
never from concentrate,
sweetened with organic cane sugar & lightly sparkling.

Free from preservatives,
artificial sweeteners or flavours.
Fairtrade certified, with 100% organic ingredients

An extraordinary taste sensation of elderflower combined with gooseberries. A real thirst quencher and well balanced flavours. You can find these fruits in and around Groningen and at our nursery.

Made from the best fresh gooseberries and fresh picked elderflower, cold pressed,
never from concentrate, sweetened with organic cane sugar & lightly sparkling.

The bottle

A pure interpretation of a classic medicine bottle. We homage to the vial and medicinal effect of fruit in a classic and modern version of its shape and made in beautiful elegant design.

Through both of these elements we create a unique mixture of back to pure

Moj Lemonade est Groningen


Blauwe Reiger 30, 9953 Baflo
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